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Say goodbye to ordinary and boring photo shooting. At Winter December Bridal, every photo captured in the most NATURAL and of course the FUN way.

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Pre Wedding Photography

Korean style, Fashion style, Indoor Studio style, Vintage style, ... You name it, we have it

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Actual Day Wedding Photography

Sit back and relax! You can count on our experienced professional photographers to freeze every single lovely and memorable moment on your wedding day!

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Professional Make Up and Hairdo Service

No blackout magic but still we have the best makeup artist to turn you into the prettiest women in the crowd

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Gowns rental and custom made service

We have x number of handpicked gowns for you to choose, if needed we can custom made according to your idea

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Baby & Kid Photography

With our photographer's skill and the best gene in your kids, we can help you to win the cutest baby or kid in town

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Personal Portrait Photography

We truly believe that you deserve to record down the transformation of your life from a teenager, graduate, married, pregnant, or a parent

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Family Portrait Photography

Family matters! Do you have a photo album with every family members around? Did you spend any quality time with your family lately? At Winter December Studio, you can have both at the same time!

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Friendship Photography

How to celebrate your unbreakable friendship? A photo album seems to be the best fit

  • A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away

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